Summer Statement 2010:

My work is an investigation of the organic; a floristic interpretation of nature, line, shape and color.  My intrigue lies in the study of femininity and flow, the flow being any natural course of events that inherently takes place in life and on the canvas.  I embrace the controlled as well as the sporadic drip, splatter, tear and smudge.  I like to think of myself as a minimalist, always striving to focus on the conservation of the very first mark made.  My pieces habitually, however, tend to trade the minimal in for the complex, or perhaps they simply strive for the complexly minimalistic and often without my permission in doing so.  I am fascinated with maturity.  I  watch my pieces as they subtly develop and settle in on their new found sense of self. My medium and technique vary with what I need them to become.  I collage, weave, paint, assemble, install, whatever launches the growth of the exploration.  I provide the support necessary for the given piece to flourish, sit back and watch it grow.